Uni Bremen Erasmus Learning Agreement

When the student returns from his stay abroad, he shows the person responsible for the recognition his apprenticeship agreement and the Transscript of Records. The person responsible for recognition issues a confirmation of recognition which the student submits to the Examination Office. Before the stem, the student downloads the documents (certificate of recognition) online. Some departments may have other rules regarding the recognition procedure. Accommodation: www.uni-bremen.de/en/international/your-stay-in-bremen/housing.html Here you will find a list of Erasmus+ agreements, classified by faculty/subject and by partner country. Please contact the Erasmus Coordinator, Mrs Hasenmüller, (barbara.hasenmuellerprotect me?!! vw.uni-bremenprotect me ?!. de). The prerequisite is the existence of an Erasmus interinstitutional agreement between the faculty where you are enrolled and the partner university. Application procedure: www.uni-bremen.de/en/international/ways-to-the-university-of-bremen/visiting-students-exchange.html Academic calendar: www.uni-bremen.de/en/studies/lecture-courses/semester-dates.html English courses: dbs.uni-bremen.de/sixcms/list.php?page=sort&e additional funding applications must be submitted through the International Bureau. Please contact Ms Hasenmüller (barbara.hasenmueller@vw.uni-bremen.de), Erasmus Institutional Coordinator, for advice and assistance in the application.

. Important: Credits granted during their stay abroad cannot be recognised for non-existent examinations at the University of Bremen, even if this is stated in the Learning Agreement. When the exam has started at the University of Bremen, the exam must also be taken at the University of Bremen. The examination begins with the request for examination. (see also “General part of the Examination Regulations (TA) §20 para. (5): “Tests that do not exist at the University of Bremen may be repeated only at the University of Bremen.”) Applications must be submitted online. In addition, a number of signed documents must be submitted to the Erasmus coordinator of the department for your field of study/faculty. The allocation of Erasmus places is decided by the Erasmus coordinators of the department.

You can also find out about the recognition of studies acquired abroad and other formal and linguistic conditions. As part of the European ERASMUS+ programme, you have the possibility, as a student of the University of Bremen, to study for at least 3 to 12 months during a period of study (bachelor`s, master`s or doctorate) at one of the European partner universities of your course. . . .