Student Placement Agreement Asu

To ensure patient safety, HonorHealth has specific health and safety requirements for each student who comes on site for a clinical rotation. Affiliation agreements between academic institutions and fees are all subject to the same standards and requirements. Under the contractual guidelines, all requirements must be met, regardless of the status of the job. The Office of Clinical Partnerships (OCP) uses the DocuSign web-based system for authorized users to prepare and acquire signatures authorizing Academic Affiliation and Student Internship Agreements (SPAs). DocuSign provides a mechanism to (1) track the status of each agreement and (2) search for a central repository with fully executed agreements. If you are a student applying for an affiliation agreement on behalf of your academic institution, please complete an application for a student membership agreement. Ensuring that there is a SPA is only one step in the internship registration process. Each student must inquire with his academic advisor about his specific documents and deadlines for registration. Please fill out this application form for the student internship agreement and email it to Please use ” / – SPA” as the subject.

The Career Center checks if there is an agreement. Thank you for your interest in following a student clinical experience at HonorHealth. The Clinical Center of Excellence oversees student mediation at HonorHealth. The Centre is committed to supporting learning opportunities for students by providing a hands-on clinical experience in collaboration with partners and academic programs. Clinical experience is only available to students of an affiliated academic partner. While students are free to choose an internship, these sites must meet the following requirements: If you wish to renew an affiliate agreement, please complete the affiliation agreement application at least four months before the expiration date of the current affiliation agreement. In collaboration with affiliated academic partners, HonorHealth offers a program for BSN students who are taking the final semester of their university program to complete clinical training in a given unit and support the student`s transition to a new nurse. Please complete the membership agreement application. To obtain authorization, the affiliation must meet business requirements that are not met by current affiliations. HonorHealth offers observation opportunities for students enrolled in a program or enrolling in a program that requires hours of observation.

Please note that the possibilities for observation are limited. HonorHealth tries to support different learning opportunities, but space is limited and is based on staff availability. To learn more about using DocuSign for processing academic affiliation and student internship agreements, including scheduling individual counseling or group staff, please contact Saudia E. Rodriques-Hill. NOTE: The DocuSign Agreement template must be completed for each non-standard agreement provided by the sponsor. It is strongly recommended that students participate in the summer internship program between the junior year and the senior year, so that the experience and knowledge gained during the internship guides the year-end year. Advanced courses in business and health management are enhanced when the student can relate “real” observations of the internship. The internship should also provide an important basis for finding a job in the past year – raising awareness of the positions or organizations the student wants for their first career. Students earn six academic recognition lessons for successfully completing the internship through registration to HCM 3900 during the Summer Session. You may have an organization that you admire or want to aim for training in your hometown, the Boone area or elsewhere. If you prefer to plan an internship during the summer and live at home, then this can be a convenient option….