Nunavut Collective Agreements

The Nunavut Employees Union says the Government of Nunavut violated the Public Service Act by negotiating a new collective agreement for its employees with bad intentions during negotiations. “Unfortunately, there is nothing in the collective agreement that would prohibit this, so really only talk to politicians and try to get them up to the page,” he said. While these difficult issues still need to be addressed, the team is pleased to announce that the first negotiation meeting with the GN was both positive and productive. Both parties committed to begin negotiating in good faith for a collective agreement, and the ensuing exchanges over the course of the week were consistent with that commitment in tone and spirit. According to the union, the Government of Nunavut proposed in June an overall increase of $33,807,738 for its northern employee allowances over the life of the new collective agreement. Mmmm, a lot of people talk about demands, but it`s much easier than that, the collective agreement clearly gives a quarantine leave. It should not be necessary to use the time off if this is included in the agreement. The mistake caused “unnecessary delays” in negotiations, the union said. “The defendant`s action is contrary to the obligation to do everything in his power to conclude a collective agreement.” This union should be more concerned about signing the collective agreement that has expired, it should be involved in the personal decisions of people to the South. If you live and claim a northern residence, suck up the butter! It`s up to you to choose not to force you to leave. GN should not pay for your 14-day stay. they should only cover basic services and medical patients.

If you think it`s absolutely important that you have to go south to see your family from the South, then enjoy your deserved time as an employee, it`s not essential that you leave. As a union employee of GN, you stop wasting the money we give you and drop this problem. FYI, there is a global pandemic. No one should travel! The workers` union and the territorial government held four meetings in 2019 to negotiate a collective agreement that will replace a collective agreement that expires on September 30, 2018. Not to mention the fact that you will only receive the extra days off if you stay in the area. I worked on the shutdown and didn`t miss a day while other employees were at home. Which makes my time less valuable than others. By the way, “not my voice” drives many people of all races and incomes to the South for a summer-time vacation. How dare you make a comment like this, which assumes that traveling in the South is for the privileged. “But if someone wants to see a family member they haven`t seen in a while, they have to take a vacation.” These are the concerns of a very small, noisy and privileged group that, for generally personal reasons, absolutely had to leave Nunavut. Most of the LARP employees stayed and had a pretty good summer in Nunavut.

. It is not a good look at the union that represents me and my colleagues. It is precisely for this reason that some unions get a bad reputation.