Meaning Of Unsolicited Consumer Agreement

Consumers must receive a written copy of the contract: (b) a consumer is contacted in connection with the supply of goods or services in premises which are not physically separated from premises lawfully used by consumers for purposes other than contact in connection with the supply of those goods or services. [9] Consumers may purchase goods or services under an unsolicited consumer contract in the form of credit provided by an external credit provider. The Australian Consumer Act does not provide for the termination of credit agreements related to the purchase of unsolicited goods or services where a consumer has exercised the right to refresh himself, notwithstanding the fact that the consumer contract is not valid at the time of reflection and that other related contracts are also automatically cancelled [Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) Schedule 2 s 83]. A consumer agrees to buy a washing machine worth 900 $US from a door-to-door dispenser and also signs a separate agreement for the maintenance of the washing machine, which costs 80 $US. The second treaty is not covered by the rules of reflection. If the consumer cools down when buying a washing machine, the service contract is also terminated. 5.34 The Committee considers it useful to develop an opt-in procedure to confirm an unsolicited consumer contract. It would allow the consumer and would be in the interest of the supplier to draw the consumer`s attention to the opt-in procedure. The Committee believes, however, that this option may be too onerous. If the consumer is unable to contact the supplier within the time limit, the contract would be terminated. An opt-in clause can cause more inconvenience to consumers than a cooling-off period.