Learning Agreement Aau

To find Erasmus+ agreements, you must do the following: The AAA has signed a cooperation agreement with the Mona Badah Foundation for Administration and Technology. As soon as the decision is positive, you should contact your AAU Assistant Dean to register for the courses. The Dean advises and accompanies you on the available options and the registration process. Students in university studies and Erasmus are exempt from paying tuition fees on the basis of existing university agreements. Students abroad must complete their studies before the registration process begins. A detailed invoice is sent by the approval department. Aalborg University has Erasmus+ agreements with some 350 higher education institutions across Europe. Since its establishment in 1974, Aalborg University has conducted research and offered educational programmes in the technical, scientific and social fields and the humanities. The university was expanded in 2010 with a faculty of medicine. Although it is a relatively young university for Danes, it is an international research university dedicated to problem-based learning, interdisciplinarity and innovation. Aalborg University is also a growing institution – it has a total of 19,000 students and a faculty of around 2100 full-time academics at one of the three AAU sites – Aalborg, Esbjerg and Copenhagen.

Aalborg University is characterised by the combination of a committed commitment to local, regional and national issues, with an active commitment to international cooperation and is therefore largely linked to industry and international research circles throughout Europe and beyond. About 22% of the university`s total revenue (2013) came from third-party funds. Aalborg University has extensive experience in managing and monitoring EU projects, supported by administrators competent in human resources management, legal and financial management. A bilateral Erasmus+ agreement has been concluded between Aalborg University and the host university (where you will study). Please note that the agreement must be signed by your own study committee. Please note that students in university studies and Erasmus are exempt from paying the application fee under existing higher education agreements. Please take your official diploma. Please note that you have completed at least 15 semi-annual points (30 ECTS) and you must have a total AMP of 2.5 or more. If you have a lower AMP, you can request a waiver of the AMP by filing a personal statement and two letters of recommendation. Among the areas that could be eligible depending on the individual needs related to your Erasmus+ mobility are: AAA President Mr Sari Hamdan has honoured a number of prominent members of the AAU Fa faculty.

The application of the most modern nano-fabrication technologies to materials makes it possible to acquire decisive control over their properties and thus build unique materials and components with new and unexpected properties for applications such as energy technology, communication, catalysis and data storage and processing. Aalborg University (AAU) offers an innovative offer of study and research programs in the fields of natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, life sciences and engineering, do you like working with mechanics and technology? Do you want to design, develop and produce new products and production systems? And you want to participate in strengthening the competitiveness of a company? In this case, the Master of Mechanical Engineering focused on manufacturing technique may be the right training for you.. . .