Wix No License Agreement

You have (and will manage titles, licenses, consents and powers) to allow Wix services to access websites, websites and/or other online services for the purpose of importing, copying, advertising, sending, transferring and/or any other use of your content. The Continue button in the home dialog box in the installation dialog box (or the dialog box after the license dialog box) and the back in the installation dialog button – remove the license dialog box. Please note that some Wix services are currently available in their BETA version and are subject to BETA testing. You understand and accept that some Wix services continue to contain software bugs, experience interruptions and do not work as planned or as planned. Your use of Wix services in this BETA phase means your consent to participate in such BETA testing of Wix services. all rights, titles and interests on and on Wix services, including all copyrighted materials or content, that are subject to intellectual property rights under applicable law (including artwork, graphics, images, website templates and widgets, literary work, source and object code, computer code (including html), applications, audio, music, video and other media, designs, animations, interfaces, documentation, derivatives and versions, the “look and feel” of Wix services, methods, products, algorithms, data, interactive functions and objects, advertising and acquisition tools and methods, inventions, , logos, domains, custom URLs, trademarks, service marks, trade names and other protected identifiers, whether registered and/or registered, and all releases are the property of Wix and/or authorized. You confirm that you own all rights to and from content that you have downloaded or provided or that have been imported, copied or downloaded by Wix Services for you, on your user platform (“user content”), including designs, images, animations, videos, audio files, fonts, logos, code, illustrations, compositions, artworks, interfaces, usernames, information that you can use to create a sub-domain name, Provide text, literary works and other documents (“content”) or, moreover, full power, ownership, licenses, consents and authority, in and on the user`s content, to the extent necessary for access, importation, copying, use, use, publication, transmission or license of such content , in addition to the policies mentioned above, certain policies made available to you within Wix services, are granted to Wix by a third-party provider and are therefore subject to additional licensing conditions from such a provider, which are grouped together and are available for your verification on www.wix.com/about/mono-terms-of-use.