Tributary Agreement Meaning

The Deerfield, West, Williams, White, Passumpsic and Nulhegan rivers are the largest rivers that lead to Connecticut rivers. An alternative state is a term for a premodern state in a certain type of subordinate relationship with a more powerful state that involved sending a regular sign of submission or tribute to the higher power. [1] This sign often took the form of a considerable transfer of wealth, such as the delivery of gold, production or slaves, so that the tribute could be considered the best payment of protective money. Or perhaps more symbolic: sometimes it was nothing more than the delivery of a sign of submission such as the Bunga mas (golden flower) that the rulers of the Malay peninsula used to send the kings of Siam, or the tributes of the Maltese falcon, which the Grand Master of the Order of St. John uses every year to send to the Viceroy of Sicily to rule Malta. It could also include the presence of the subordinate sovereign at the court of the hegemon to make a public bid. Moreover, during Zheng He`s expeditions, his fleet often returned with foreign emissaries paying tribute. Foreign states received gifts in exchange for establishing links between the Ming dynasty and foreign kingdoms. Tribute activities occupy several chapters in the twenty-four stories.

A formalized tribute system has developed in East Asia with many countries and regions neighbouring the East, Central, Southeast and Southeast Asia, which have become neighbouring states of different Chinese dynasties. [2] [3] Historically, the Emperor of China considered himself the emperor of the entire civilized world. It was not possible for such an emperor to maintain identical diplomatic relations with any other power, and all diplomatic relations in the region were interpreted as props by the Chinese. The disregard for trade of Confucianism`s state ideology and the belief that Chinese civilization did not need outside products or technologies meant that trade, if allowed, was also interpreted as a secondary value. Diplomatic representations and commercial parties in non-Chinese regions have been interpreted as tributaries in Chinese records, regardless of the intent of these regions.