School Facilities Hire Agreement

4.3. You cannot use the location for purposes other than those described on the booking form. You cannot sublet or use the venue or allow the venue to be used for illegal or illegal purposes, do anything more or bring something into the venue of the event that could endanger or invalidate the same insurance policies dangerous to the insurance of the place, nor authorize the consumption of alcohol on the premises without our prior written authorization. If you are licensed by our alcoholic state at the venue of the event, you are responsible for complying with all licensing laws. Martin Owen is an Accountant (CPFA). He has more than 20 years of experience working with academies and schools to improve their governance, management and management of financial, commercial and operational processes. Only the facilities mentioned in the rental costs are commendable. Kitchens are not available. In entertaining schools, a “public utility” would be any school or service that would benefit students in their school, their families or people who live and work in your local community. The school has taken out insurance to cover the use of facilities by third parties who do not have $5 million in own liability insurance. However, if the tenant employs a third party, such as a supplier. B as a group or DJ, he must also receive a copy of the provider`s insurance certificate for civil liability.

This should provide a minimum coverage of $5 million. The school does not accept rentals without seeing proof of this insurance. The school has a public entertainment license and a restricted theatre license for 3 areas – halls on both sides and the theatre studio on Towersey Road. There are very strict rules that must be respected and the school reserves the right to describe in detail tenant agreements for such events. At public entertainment events, South Oxfordshire District Council requires that a designated person be responsible for the event and, as such, be on site at all times when the public is on site. Please include the details in writing on the event information form. Talk to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) or your school`s accountants/examiners to find out if you need to pay VAT on renting your premises. 23.2 Ensure that no person with outdoor shoes should be allowed into the pool area and no objects that have been in contact with the outside, including, but not just for strollers. They provide a sufficient number of RLSS pool lifeguards with a valid certificate.