Rental Agreement For Vacation Property

We remind our guests that all our holiday homes are private and ask you to treat your rental home with respect. Make sure a lawyer advises you before finalizing a legally binding document. Your agreement should be reviewed and updated in the usual way to comply with evolving local or state laws. With the rise of Airbnb, VRBO, Vacasa and Home Away, short-term apartments have grown rapidly and are a popular alternative to traditional hotels and guesthouses. However, with strangers completely in your home comes with many risks, and it is important to document the living conditions and expectations of each party. Be sure to check your local laws for all occupancy or residence tax requirements, such as the residence tax required for short-term rents in Palm Beach, Florida. Page 1 of 2 Apartment Rental 923 mcintosh Street, West Palm Beach, fl 33405 this contract establishes a contract between guests and luke sheehan. Please read this apartment rental agreement carefully. All the money… Campfires are PROHIBITED, unless there is a designated fire area on the property. Do not create a home if none is planned.

Wood is NOT intended for most fire mines. You must either bring wood or buy a package while you are here in one of the shops in the city. There are two (2) ways to market the property: Most properties are equipped with a television. The establishment`s list describes in detail the availability of a satellite or cable. Without satellite or cable, there is no reception, so TV would be the best use for video VCR/DVD display. Please do not call the emergency number in case of television problems. Tenants are responsible for inspecting and assessing the docks on the leased property to ensure it is suitable for their boat. Morton – Furbish Vacation Rentals is not responsible for damage to a boat while it is on the dock or dock. We recommend removing boats from the water when high winds and storms are forecast.

Please bring bumpers, ropes and everything you need to protect your boat and the dock from damage during your stay. Water quality varies in each dwelling. We recommend using water bottles for consumption.