Peace Agreement Negotiators

Peace agreements are not always structured in the same way. Sometimes it is just a document made up of different chapters or discrete components. In other cases, any essential element may be part of a comprehensive agreement or be a separate agreement negotiated separately and at different times in a peace process. The content of an agreement also differs from conflict to conflict. The nature of war, the contentious issues and how to end the war are factors that will change the structure and content of a peace agreement. Civil or national wars are usually caused by a failure of governance. Peace agreements that end these conflicts often focus on rebuilding governance mechanisms. Disputed issues in intergovernmental wars are normally related to security or territory. Peace agreements that end intergovernmental conflicts focus primarily on agreements to improve security and clarify territorial issues.

[2] Thus, in each of these cases, the content of the peace agreements will obviously be different. How to end a war also has an impact on the content of an agreement. Violent conflicts, whether internal or interpersonal, usually end in one of three ways: an agreement on the terms of surrender, a partial agreement or a comprehensive peace agreement. [3] While the categorization of each document negotiated during a peace process is often difficult, the following common classifications, used by the United Nations to distinguish the different types of peace agreements: [1] Rebuilding the social fabric between states or within a state can be extremely difficult. In some cases, national or national construction may seem impossible. (The U.S. experience in Iraq in 2004-5 is certainly an example of what, if not impossible, it is much more difficult than the U.S. government had anticipated!) The section on the socio-structural aspects of peace agreements discusses ways to recognize and resolve some of these issues. Implementation mechanisms could include a United Nations or regional peacekeeping mission.