Microsoft Customer Agreement Azure

Partners will continue to “play a crucial role in this new business model,” Microsoft`s announcement continues. However, he described the Microsoft customer contract as a waiver of the administrative support of previous agreements: the Microsoft customer contract replaces the agreements used by Azure`s current customers to license Azure`s services. Organizations are offered if their licensing agreements can be renewed, in accordance with Microsoft`s “Microsoft Commerce Experience” (download pdf) document. On January 10, 2019, Microsoft announced a new and complete ability for customers to subscribe to Azure: the Microsoft customer agreement. In Germany, the penal code (section 203) and professional regulations require that certain customer relations be treated confidentially, such as the relationship between patients and their doctors and the relationship between lawyers and their clients. These professions must guarantee professional secrecy. In order to enable these and other professions to purchase cloud services from cloud solution providers, the cloud service provider must enter into a written agreement with the customer guaranteeing professional secrecy. Instead of buying through a variety of licensing programs, you can buy via a new all-digital agreement, which we simply call Microsoft`s customer agreement. Microsoft`s customer agreements are region-specific and are available in several languages. Look for the customer`s location and preferred language in one of the following lists to download the correct agreement. Microsoft is improving the shopping experience to better help all customers, whether you`re starting a digital transformation or securing your place in a competitive marketplace. Also, no matter whether your organization is large or small, you can always buy through Microsoft`s customer contract. If someone makes a purchase in your organization, you accept the same agreement.

Microsoft will have a new approach for organizations that will purchase Azure services, called “Microsoft Customer Agreement” and that will be available to some customers starting this March. If you work in Germany, you may need to make this change in professional secrecy available to your customers in addition to the Microsoft customer contract.