Google Analytics 360 Suite Platform Agreement

Analytics Services (a) Analytics 360 (formerly known as Google Analytics Premium), Optimize 360 and/or Tag Manager 360, as well as all additions or extensions of these products; which essentially resemble such a product (to be determined by Google LLC (“Google”), for which the customer purchased a subscription from, Inc. and (b) from Google Marketing Platform, which is the sequel platform for Analytics 360, Optimize 360 and/or Tag Manager 360, as well as all successors, supplements or extensions of that platform purchased by the customer. For clarity reasons, Analytics Services does not include Display – Video 360 and Search Ads 360. This can be a real challenge, especially if the data is not a turning point between platforms and you get into this area where no one trusts it, no one uses it and you get no value on both sides. Google Analytics 360 gives your team access to advanced tools such as Unsampled Reports, BigQuery Export and Data Driven Attribution in addition to all the standard analytics features and reports. Google Analytics 360 also includes a service level agreement that includes data collection, data update and communication, a higher processing limit and access to dedicated support specialists. 6.3 Subject to the terms of this Agreement, Google grants you, for the duration of this Agreement, a limited, non-exclusive, non-unlicensed, globally paid license to display service marks for the sole purpose of promoting your participation in the Gallery or (b) promoting the Services. With respect to any use of Google`s brand features by the company, the company is committed to complying with current policies regarding the use of Google`s brand functions that are “report,” the analysis resulting from, some of which may contain analyses for a profile. These integrations allow the creation of cheats like the one below, which relies on data from both platforms: Google authorizes Google Analytics 360 Suite through resellers called Sales Partners. The Commonwealth, represented by the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA), has entered into a licensing agreement with one of Google`s distributors, Data Runs Deep Pty Ltd (business partner), and google Analytics 360 Suite for the Commonwealth. Subject to Section 15, the service is available free of charge for up to 10 million visits per month per account.

Google may change its fees and payment rules for the service from time to time, including adding geographic data costs, importing cost data from search engines, or other fees charged to Google or its third-party subsidiaries for the inclusion of data in service reports.