Dod Intergovernmental Support Agreements

Comments: The military agreed to this recommendation and followed guidelines to pursue cost savings in military installations through the use of intergovernmental support agreements (IAGs). In particular, the guide directs army facilities to coordinate with Army Headquarters of Installation Management Command to identify development and proposal opportunities for IGSa with local or public governments, starting with solid waste services. In addition to the targeted solid waste service area, other IGSA ideas and concepts will be developed. Through the completion and implementation of this process, as well as its documentation, the military will have greater visibility in the facilities` efforts to achieve ways to reduce costs or ensure mission effectiveness through the use of IGSA. Based on the analysis of 8 selected intergovernmental support agreements (IGSAs) and interviews with officials, the GAO found that military services obtained financial and non-financial benefits from using IGSa with local or public governments to obtain installation services such as waste disposal, land maintenance and animal control. Comments: The military approved this recommendation and in response concluded a settlement that led the monitoring of all the financial benefits realized of the IMPLEMENTed SRIs. Although the Order does not explicitly impose control over non-financial benefits, an order from the military through IGSa indicates that it is essential to use public-public partnerships to improve, among other things, relations with government and local communities. We think that is the intent of our recommendation. Through the implementation and implementation of this process, as well as documentation in the guidelines, the military will have information that decision makers can use to review SRIs to obtain a possible extension and to decide whether similar agreements should be developed and implemented on other sites. Five years ago, faced with scarce budgets of funds needed to operate and support its bases, the army began a breakthrough to save money by sharing services with communities outside the fences of their bases.

These efforts are beginning to bear fruit. 2014 – Pub. L. 113-291, p. 351 (a), which replaced Section 2336 of Section 2336 of this title to replace “Settlement Support Services: Intergovernmental Support Agreements” with intergovernmental support agreements with governments and local governments in the catchline section.